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eTarp Porch Enclosures

Porch Enclosures

With PolyShield products you can be sure that your porch will be well enclosed and insulated during those times when you need it most. The last thing you want is the weather controlling you, with PolyShield products from ThorTarp you can be sure it's the other way around.

Patio Covers

Products also ideal for use as a patio cover, window, curtain, tent side wall, side-walk coffee shop use, outdoor bar/restaurant, plant dividers, and deck-enclosures. Take full advantage of your patio or deck by adding PolyShield products today!

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Clear Hanging Curtain
Solid Hanging Curtain
Mesh/Clear-Solid Curtain
Solid-Mesh/Clear-Solid Curtain

Create Indoor Space Outdoors
Porch in winter
Outdoor Grill Shack
Porch at Christmas
Christmas in the Outdoor Grill Shack
Porch in summer
PolyShield 200 optically clear combination curtains
Porch interior
Inside looking out

Porch Enclosure Porch Enclosure
Outdoor Bar
Outdoor Bar Outdoor Bar
Outdoor Bar Pic
Pic Pic
Outdoor seating area Commercial display enclosure
Porch Curtain
Porch Enclosure Porch Enclosure

Building Enclosure
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